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Unity Asset Advanced Foliage Pack 1 v1.5.8.1 x64 (12/7)

Discussion in 'Towny Survival' started by apple2000, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Unity Asset Advanced Foliage Pack 1 v1.5.8.1 x64


    Unity Asset Advanced Foliage Pack 1 v1.5.8.1 x64 | 1.64 GB

    This package is a group of models of foliage, textures and ground textures from our films about river materials. The asset data has been scanned and carefully optimized. The texture of the soil has perfect tiles and elevation maps for tessellation and elevation changes.

    You will get a great result with our CTS package. Profile for cts is also included - as in the movie. Pack contains a dynamic snow cover. The asset is compatible and designed for VS (Vegetation Studio Standard and PRO) assets, but it works great with other vegetation systems, as well as with a single landscape. It contains VegetationPackage's automatic foliage cover (from video) for VS, which gives you the opportunity to plant the whole forest, grass while drawing the texture of the ground. This means that you can plant a whole forest and lawn in Vegetation Studio in just a few seconds with our profile. The package is suitable for a single terrain, it also contains grass textures for a single biped grass and a grid prepared for a single grid.
    Forest demo scene - download link and resources you need to run are in the YouTube video description. There are 2 versions (old unity below 2018.2 and new unity 2018.3+)
    Frozen land tutorial demo scene - download link and resources you need to run are in the YouTube video description.
    In our package you will find 4 aspects:
    1) Artistic content:
    - 29 sets of textures on the ground;
    - 10 sets of herbal atlases;
    - 20 grass unity billboards;
    - 26 models of unity grass;
    - 2 scanned optimized trunk with a snow version;
    - 6 root models with a snow version;
    - All grass textures contain: Albedo, Normalmap, Metalic, AO, Smoothness;
    - All ground textures contain: Albedo, Normal Map, Metallic, AO, Smoothness, Height Map;
    - All content supports snow;
    In the textures of the soil you will find: needles, trash, sand, road, dirt, mud, moss, roots, stones, leaves, grass, pebbles, stones, snow
    - support LW and HD RP;
    2) Shaders:
    - 6 grass shaders (light, standard mirror with snow options);
    - 4 standard shaders with snow support;
    - Grass and shader models support Vegetation Studio out of the box;
    - Grass and shader models support Vegetation Studio Pro out of the box;
    3) Ported wind shading from HD SRP:
    - Advanced and cheap in rendering wind shading;
    - The wind will be divided between all our assets;
    - Wind works 1: 1, as in HD SRP;
    - wind drives grass of flowers and normals;
    - All shaders have a snow support version;
    4) Additional support files:
    - CTS profile for the terrain (from the film);
    - profile Vegetation Studio (forest auto painting);

    Year / Release Date: 04/15/2019
    Developer: NatureManufacture
    Developer website: _https: //assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/advanced-foliage-pack-1-103151
    Interface Language: English
    Tabletka: not required
    System requirements: Unity 5.6.2 or higher



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