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    Current Minecraft Username:RileyEsMySenpai
    Alts (If applicable):Blackspike

    Age (You must be 13 or older to apply):13

    Are you familiar with Slack?yes

    How active are you? (How many hours can you dedicate)?7-9 depends on the day

    Do you have experience moderating in a Minecraft server community?yes

    Are you currently a staff member on any other server?retired

    Which of our servers are you most active on (Role-Play Survival, Towny Survival, Factions, Creative, Skyblock, or Prison)?Role-Play

    Which of our servers are you applying for? (Role-Play Survival or Towny Survival)Roley-Play Survival

    Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, please link your https://bans.datpixel.net/ page:
    (Please paste your page if you have no punishments) https://bans.datpixel.net/history.php?uuid=0bf3e129-5beb-4b79-9dbb-f1019770cf6b&from=bans

    (These answers should be at least 2-4 sentences)

    When did you start playing on DatPixel? I started to play a few years ago. Once i got on i didn't play for a little but than i got back on about a couple months after that time that i stopped playing Mine craft.

    What do you believe you could contribute to the staff team and our server?Lots of staff time. At pvp often and can get hackers and can sometimes record.

    Why do you wish to apply?I want to apply because this is my favorite server and i hate seeing hackers all over pvp, and in chat the spammers spamming stuff and all the disrespect that happens when the staff gets off.

    Are you currently a donator? If so, what rank? Yes i am a donator. i am admin rank at the moment

    Why should we choose you as an applicant over others?I'm really active, friendly i love helping people do what they need, I have a experience in moderating.

    What is the staff rank you want to achieve if you become a staff member?I want to be senior mod if i am capable of doing that

    Do you know any other language besides your native language? This year i am taking Spanish 1 so I am learning a new language.

    What is the job of a moderator in your own definition? Keeping the server clean of hackers. Making sure that everyone is following the rules and not disobeying other players or staff. Helping the people on the server that need help.

    Scenario Questions:
    (For these situations, answer what you would do as a staff member.)

    Your friend is reported for using a hacked client, and you know they’re hacking. How do you handle the report? You get proof of them hacking and show other staff or admin the proof and u have them banned.

    A friend asks you to review their staff application and give it a +1. How do you respond to them? You say no because that is favorism and it isn't the right thing to do.

    You temporarily banned a player for sending inappropriate links, and now their friend is spamming you on Skype asking for them to unban them. How do you respond to them? Ask them to stop if they don't you could bock there account and tell them that they shouldn't have been sending the links and they will be unbanned once there time is up

    You find that another staff member is abusing their powers, and they tell you to keep it a secret. They’re your friend and a fellow staff. What do you do? You go on the forums or a way to communicate to a admin or a owner and you tell them what they are doing and if you are able to try to get proof and show the admin or the owner that you are trying to show.

    There hasn’t been any other staff online for hours, and there’s over 100 players online. Players are constantly asking you questions and breaking rules. What actions do you take next? You can try to get another staff on, or you contact a server admin or owner and tell them what is happening.

    Someone files a report, but there’s insufficient evidence to go along with it. You’ve heard suspicions about this, and it could lead to a serious problem. What actions do you take next? You can try to get proof yourself or have someone get the proof and show you it so you can see. Don't ban the player because you don't have no proof of them hacking or anything else

    Someone links an image of a player in public chat and it’s obvious the player it is a picture of didn’t want it to be leaked. How do you respond? you can clear the chat. Than you can ban the player for whatever they have done wrong

    The entire network crashes, and you are the online staff member on, who do you contact first? You want to contact the server owner or admin as fast as you can so they get the server back up and running as fast as they can

    Who do you tag in appeal when there is a staff report against you?
    A) Managers
    B) Senior Moderators
    C) Administrators C

    Where is the link to our Terms and Services located? On the forums page

    Where is the link to our buycraft located? https://buy.datpixel.net/

    Who do you contact when someone has not received their donator rank? (Email?)[email protected]

    Closing Questions:

    Do you believe that promoting your application (telling people to read it, sending it to staff, etc.) is an instant denial of the application? Yes because it is not the right thing to do and it kinda like cheating your way in the staff team

    What are your thoughts on Minecraft in-general? Its a good game its fun.

    Is there anything else you would like us to know about yourself! nothing other than that
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    Requested for delete via original poster.
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