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Denied My application <3

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by mrd4343, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. mrd4343

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    Mar 23, 2017
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    Hiya!!!!! <3

    Current Minecraft Username: Mrd4343, never changed, never will.
    Alts (If applicable): Nope.

    Age (You must be 13 or older to apply): Eyyy, I typed in the wrong date in profile. I have been 13 for 2 months xD

    Are you familiar with Slack? Slack? What?

    How active are you? (How many hours can you dedicate)? I love Minecraft and I play about 3 hours daily. But I am also very social irl, so it might not be that regular. I'll still be a lot!

    Do you have experience moderating in a Minecraft server community? Yassss So far I have been staff on 7 servers.

    Are you currently a staff member on any other server? Same as above.

    Which of our servers are you most active on (Role-Play Survival, Towny Survival, Factions, Creative, Skyblock, or Prison)? Roleplay deff! Towny I am rubbish at xD

    Which of our servers are you applying for? (Role-Play Survival or Towny Survival) Deff role play!

    Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, please link your https://bans.datpixel.net/ page:
    (Please paste your page if you have no punishments)

    I have learnt from them all.
    P.S. The last time I was muted for caps was because I accidentally exploded a stress bomb onto my caps key and it wouldn't turn off. xD

    (These answers should be at least 2-4 sentences)

    When did you start playing on DatPixel? Uhhhhh well. Basically, My best friend (suffering from depression, and autism who hasn't spoken to me for about a year) and I played on her PC, but only ever on her account. I joined once I got the gist.

    What do you believe you could contribute to the staff team and our server? Well, irl, despite my young age, I help young children learn. I know how to punish them effectively, without an issue. I believe I can make DatPixel stronger, with more players (I can advertise if you like with my YT and Blog). I want to make the server safer, and less of an issue to younger players (peaodophiles, etc).

    Why do you wish to apply?

    Basically CatPlayzMC (friend irl) told me that I would be great at staff. Once I thought about it, I decided that I would LOVE to be staff, and I could really help. Hannah (staff) was online and she gave me the link to this page (I dunno how to make a thread before this xD)

    Overall, I love being staff on servers. I am often bullied at school, and being staff gives me a sense of positive power against them. I won't mention any names, but I know that a lot of them (Yes, you know who you are if you are reading this).

    Are you currently a donator? If so, what rank?

    My parents do not approve of buying ranks :( but, a kind irl friend discussed with her parents and secretly bought me a Premium as a surprise for my birthday!

    Why should we choose you as an applicant over others?

    I have a lot of experience. I love to teach kids, (don't worry, i won't suddenly come online and ask the server what 4587458945 x 5544455 is xD)

    I have also been rewarded and promated for my help on other servers (SquireCraft, etc.)

    What is the staff rank you want to achieve if you become a staff member?

    Or just something that has the power to see other peoples private messages and mute, warn, kick and ban players if needed. (Why does 'mute, warn, kick and ban' sound like DatPixel is a Karate Club?)

    Do you know any other language besides your native language?

    Learning Japanese? (I am,


    What is the job of a moderator in your own definition?

    Moderator :
    A player whom overlooks others to make sure they are not bullying, abusing, or sending hate comments to other players. This also means that they search for scammers, griefers, or any other rule breakers.

    Scenario Questions:
    (For these situations, answer what you would do as a staff member.)

    Your friend is reported for using a hacked client, and you know they’re hacking. How do you handle the report?

    If I have solid evidence, I would not be on their side. I would first ban them temporarily, whilst seeking help from other higher up staff. When I know what to do (I'll soon learn) If the higher staff agrees I would ban them for the time they suggest (or perm). If they are innocent or should be given a second chance, I would unban them, but leave them with a warning.

    A friend asks you to review their staff application and give it a +1. How do you respond to them?

    Straight out nope. And If they notice them asking the same to others, I would warn other staff.

    You temporarily banned a player for sending inappropriate links, and now their friend is spamming you on Skype asking for them to unban them. How do you respond to them?

    I will block them first. Then I will mention the player to staff. If this continues on other systems as well as Skype, I will give them a temporary ban also.

    You find that another staff member is abusing their powers, and they tell you to keep it a secret. They’re your friend and a fellow staff. What do you do?

    Start of telling them they are doing the wrong thing. I will remind them of Staff Loyalty and keep a close eye. If the problem persists, they will be reported immediately.

    There hasn’t been any other staff online for hours, and there are over 100 players online. Players are constantly asking you questions and breaking rules. What actions do you take next?

    Temp ban all rule breakers (only for like, half an hour) to quieten things down. I will then attempt to answer questions. Please note. I have a close friend irl, who also is interested in becoming staff. I'm not saying she must be staff too, but if she was then she could come online and we would work together until other staff are available.

    Someone files a report, but there’s insufficient evidence to go along with it. You’ve heard suspicions about this, and it could lead to a serious problem. What actions do you take next?

    Warn all staff. Then make sure every player knows (for example) a message coming up when they join that there is a problem and to screenshot, record, etc any evidence. I would question the accused about their suspected problem and maybe temp an if needed and approved by other staff.

    Someone links an image of a player in public chat and it’s obvious the player it is a picture of didn’t want it to be leaked. How do you respond?

    MUTE DAT PLAYER!!!! Then quietly speak to the victim and find out what is really going on and whether it is serious enough to ban the perpetrator. CLEAR CHAT!!!

    The entire network crashes, and you are the online staff member on, who do you contact first?

    The owner, or higher staff.

    Who do you tag in appeal when there is a staff report against you?
    A) Managers
    B) Senior Moderators This one?
    C) Administrators

    Where is the link to our Terms and Services located?

    Bottom right of page or /terms in game. (Tho that don't work anymore does it?)

    Where is the link to our buycraft located?


    Who do you contact when someone has not received their donator rank? (Email?)

    Email managers/moderators. Ensure player that it will come through soon, and it is unlikely to cause a problem.

    Closing Questions:

    Do you believe that promoting your application (telling people to read it, sending it to staff, etc.) is an instant denial of the application?

    Yes, of course it is! I have made that mistake on another server before, but was let of when they found out I did not know the rules.

    What are your thoughts on Minecraft in-general?

    Minecraft = Best game ever. Amazing graphics, Brilliant ideas, and the ability to create incredible servers like
    DATPIXEL!!!!!! <3
    Is there anything else you would like us to know about yourself!

    Datpixel is the greatest server ever. I have had other experience on being staff on other servers, and once being falsely accused of griefing a server, before the owner worked out it hadn't been me and unbanned me, rewarding me for my perseverance.



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    Dec 27, 2016
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    Thank you for applying, but we do not feel you are fit for our staff team at this time.

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