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Important Forums Rules & Punishments

Discussion in 'Rules and Guidelines' started by Steven, Jan 25, 2017.

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    DatPixel Forums Rules & Punishments


    3 warnings, followed by a temporary forums ban, increasing times after multiple offenses.

    - Posting on a thread 14 days after the latest reply was made. This is a nuisance to players who receive alerts, and takes up space within the database.

    Staff/Player Disrespect
    Two warnings, followed by temporary in-game forums bans, followed by temporary in-game bans and suspension of the account.

    - Posting rude/hateful comments towards a staff member in retaliation to a decision made with valid cause.

    - Creating a thread/post targeting a player with hateful or unnecessary comments.

    What qualifies as “excessively hateful”:

    - Insulting a player, their race, or their religion with many comments including racial slurs, profanity, and charged language.

    Note: Neither staff disrespect, nor player disrespect, is taken lightly. Disrespect is a serious issue that DatPixel does not wish to encourage.

    Drama Creation/Motivation
    One warning, followed by an in-game forums ban and temporary in-game bans.

    - Posting on or creating a thread for the sole purpose of creating drama to harass a player.

    - Encouraging other people to make a scene about something for the sole purpose of creating drama to harass a player.

    Note: Not to be confused with Fake Reports/Forged Information, which is a more serious offense.

    Permanent ban in-game and the deletion of the forums account.

    - Advertising an IP or attempting to take away players from the server to a different one using any on-forums methods will result in a 30 days ban. No exceptions. (same applies through conversations)

    - Advertising an IP, specifically with the intention of diverting portions of our server to a different one to boost its popularity, will result in an immediate permanent ban.

    - Advertising another server’s website or a scam website will result in a permanent ban.

    - Posting Pornographic Links in chat will result in a temporary forums ban and an in-game mute. The second offense will result in a suspension of the account, and a temporary in-game ban.

    Double Posting
    3 warnings, followed by a temporary forums ban, increasing times after multiple offenses.

    - Posting multiple posts, one after another, instead of editing the original post.

    - This takes up unnecessary space within the database and is an overall nuisance to others, both by causing some to receive multiple alerts.

    False Report or Forged Information
    Permanent Forums and In-game ban.

    - Creating fake reports with the intention to have one punished for actions not committed.

    - Creating a fraudulent payment issue report in the effort to gain purchased goods/perks without actually paying money.

    - Creating/forging false evidence used in a report.

    - Creating reports that lack credible evidence of an offense being committed, with the intention to harass a player or staff member, is punishable by a warning and then a permanent ban.

    Temporary in-game mute and forums ban, followed by temporary in-game bans and suspension of the account on multiple offenses.

    - Spewing excessively hateful comments about a race, religion, or gender, or using a slur.

    - Avoiding racial slurs by using numbers, symbols, or letters will result in the same punishment as if the word were said.

    - Using racial slurs for the sake of fulfilling a meme is not a valid excuse.

    - The words n*gga and n*g count as racial slurs.

    Death Threats

    Temporary in-game mute/ban and temporary/permanent forums ban depending on severity, followed by permanent ban.

    - Saying "Kill yourself", or "Drink Bleach" falls under a temporary mute of 2 hours.

    - Any additional details will result in a 1 day mute.

    - Detailed death threats may result in bans, length varying in severity.

    - Multiple offenses will lead to temporary or permanent in-game bans.

    - Telling someone to cut themselves, jump off of a bridge, cliff, etc. Or stating you will kill a specific player (unless clearly related to PvP roleplay, or server commands) counts as a death threat and will be acted upon strictly and harshly.

    - Wishing death upon someone or telling someone to do something that would clearly lead to death counts as a death threat.

    Excessive Cursing/Swearing
    2 warnings, followed by a temporary forums ban, increasing times after multiple offenses.

    - Excessively cursing/swearing to an unnecessary point. (e.g. Approximately every third word is a curse)

    - Swearing is allowed, but only in moderation.

    Warning, forums ban and/or in-game mute/ban depending on the scenario.

    What qualifies as harassment:

    - Peppering a player with several comments made with the intent to annoy the player

    - Leaking personal info (age, name, location, picture, social media, address, etc.), asking a player something repetitively, telling a player to do something repetitively.

    - Repetitively asking a staff member for items or ranks when they have stated they will not provide them.

    - More severe cases of releasing personal info, such as releasing a full name, address, or explicit pictures results in a temporary/permanent ban.

    Note: See “Leaking Personal Info” below for more information on what counts as the leaking of personal information.

    Leaking Personal Information
    A temporary/permanent in-game ban and forums ban, depending on severity.

    - Temporary bans include: Revealing a player’s age, location (state/city), picture, and Skype when they do not want that information to be released.

    - Permanent bans include: Revealing a player’s full name (i.e. “SpikeyMike2’s name is Michael Lastname”), social media, phone number/email, revealing a player’s personal address or family member’s address, revealing a player’s explicit pictures (nudity), regardless of the methods this information was acquired.

    - DoXing/threatening to DoX

    Note: Revealing a player’s nudes is a serious offense, as most players/viewers are under the age of 18. If necessary, we will take legal action and contact the appropriate authorities! (We advise players NOT to give out any explicit/revealing pictures to any players, especially those whom you are not familiar with).

    Permanent ban and suspension of the forums account.

    - Attempting to get someone's IP, account information, or personal information by pretending to be something harmless.

    - Posting a shortened link, or a link from an untrusted location.

    Note: If the link can be proven to be safe, you can be unbanned after the fact. However, not only will you need to provide the proof, but a Manager+ will also need to look at your situation and approve it.

    DDoS Threats
    Permanent ban from the forums and the server.

    - Threatening to DDoS or “hack” a player.

    - Threatening or conspiring to compromise the security of an account.

    - Telling a player you are going to “hit” them off, saying they will “get swatted”, or telling them their internet will be shut offline results in a punishment as well.

    Staff Impersonation
    Temporary forums ban and in-game ban, followed by a suspension of the account.

    - Pretending to be a staff member (or the alt account of a staff member).

    - Stating you will punish someone (i.e. ban, mute, kick) if they did not stop doing something.

    - Creation of an account with the intention to fake being a staff member will result in a permanent forums ban and temporary in-game ban.

    Sexual Harassment
    A warning, followed by temporary forums bans and in-game mutes. In-game bans and suspension of the account will follow after multiple offenses.

    - Unnecessarily talking excessively sexually about a player to an unbearable point when the other person does not want it.

    - Trying to persuade an underage player to send nudes or perform sexual acts on camera will result in a permanent ban.

    Note: Players are encouraged to use /ignore first if placed in such a situation.

    3 warnings, followed by a temporary forums ban, increasing times after multiple offenses.

    - Posting a reply that contains less than 5 words excluding the 1/2 letter words posts such as ("lol", "k", "+1", "-1") are not allowed.
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    Choose what you post accordingly on our Forums.

    Note: Posting rude, explicit, pornographic, offensive, bigotry, racist, homophobic, private or prejudice information will result in offending accounts being Permanently banned from the DatPixel Network.

    Using our website for illegal purposes will result in your account being banned, and the appropriate authorities being informed.

    Things to note:

    - Witness testimony on its own is not substantial evidence on this server.

    - Moderators are only required to hold evidence for 72 hours (3 days) after the punishment has transpired. After that point, the burden of proof will be on you. If you wish to appeal for a punishment on the grounds of it being false, please appeal within the first two days to provide the moderators enough time to respond with their evidence; failure to do so will mean you or a third party must provide sufficient evidence on your own. If you make an appeal on the grounds of a false punishment past the allotted time, Moderators will be allowed to deny your appeal without providing any evidence.

    - Distribution of Child Pornography will result in all log excerpts, pictures, and other related evidence sent to local law enforcement.

    - Use of our copyrighted images, art assets, and/or text excerpts will result in a DMCA report filed against the abuse mailbox of the hosting provider as well as you personally.

    You may not appeal for temporary bans of 3 days or less without valid proof to counter the punishment. If appealing for a temporary ban longer than 7 days, please provide as much proof as possible. Always put as much effort as possible into appeals. If possible, provide recordings or screenshots. You may appeal for temporary bans that are 3 days or less depending on scenario. Your punishment may either be revoked or reduced.

    Punishments may vary at the staffs’ discretion. Increasing punishments may have varying times depending on severity of rule broken. Punishments for different offenses can be stacked onto each other.
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