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If your application has not received a reply, we are either not looking for staff/still looking into your application. Please be patient! :D Jun 28, 2017

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Jun 20, 2018
    1. _Jeffy_OOh_OOh_
      This server has had the worst staff i have ever seen. I used to play on towny and bought a rank but then it went away after an update and i was told suck it up.
      1. sebi067
        the server has been un-active for 2 years why the fuck are u complaining 2 YEARS AFTER IT DIED!?
        Jul 3, 2019
    2. AmyPond1
      Hi! please get back to me ASAP. What happened to datpixel!?!?! i would like my rank back either in money or transferred to skittle, cause they "merged" Also, i was building a house with my friends that took almost a year... i really dont appreciate the merge. Im wondering if you can copy/paste it into a skittle spot?
      Please get back to me!!! ASAP!! Thank you, PeterParkerBOI <my current mc username>
      1. Eric_lolz 2.0
        Eric_lolz 2.0
        I can answer your question bc Bean is busy not caring about DP right now. Datpixel died because Steven and other higher ups stopped putting in the commitment to update and be active. This led to the devastation of the player base. Datpixel and Skittle are still both separate servers. They both don’t do refunds however. And there’s no way they would move your builds to a new server. It’s not simply a //copy //paste.
        Jun 17, 2018
      2. Eric_lolz 2.0
        Eric_lolz 2.0
        Your best bet to get that money back is to chargebackon PayPal or whatever you used to pay for it. This will obviously get you banned on dp tho, but who gives a fuck about this server anymore, definitely not the people who can bring it back to life.
        Jun 17, 2018
    3. RoaringRosie
      I want my rank to be refunded/money back. I have the ADMIN rank on Roleplay. I never found the rank helpful at all on datpixel. It was a waste of money and I would really like my money back, EVEN if I get permanently banned from datpixel. I also want my money back since datpixel is now dying off and I never play it anymore. Thank you taking your time to read this. :)
      1. H_and_H
        they wont refund you you have to chargeback on paypal
        May 6, 2018
    4. mrd4343
      Hai!! Just wondering, when's this big update? Wasn't it originally supposed to be somewhere in Nov????
      1. fooki
        It's datpixel what the fuck do you expect, an honest release date?
        Jan 27, 2018
    5. Cabbage
      hey bean you might remember me from lazle as severalcabbages. just wondering if there is a way i could get my rank from lazle back? either that or get my money back. Anything will help thanks. -cabbage
      1. Bean
        Sadly, I cannot transfer ranks from Lazle as I do not have the payment info.
        Jan 6, 2018
    6. Lucy
      If im getting terminated i want my money back
      1. Bean
        Refunds aren't applicable, have a nice day!
        Jan 6, 2018
    7. Andi931
      Bean, In another thread you mention you banned my "alts" I have no alternate accounts I only have one. Im confused, plus i'm surprised you still play. Do you remember me from lazle?
      1. xILe0n
        Multiple accounts from 1 IP address.
        Dec 18, 2017
    8. Gladiola
      q-q Out of all staff members, my old "friend" bans me. I don't think you remember me at all. Idgaf about the permanent ban, I'm just sad that you forgot me. I only came on to get my 150 dollars (irl) back, turns out more than I expected changed, including you.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. xILe0n
        You do not have a rank on Roleplay, nor have you bought one. " global ranks " haven't existed for a long time. Your rank was likely terminated after the server merge.
        Dec 18, 2017
      3. Gladiola
        I have one on skyblock.
        Dec 18, 2017
      4. Bean
        Jan 6, 2018
    9. richbratz
    10. stole my money
      stole my money
      tell steven to stop stealing 200 dollers of me for hes new fucking server bc im calling the cops
      1. Bean
        If you'd like to file a report with SkittleMc, do it on the SkittleMC forums.
        Dec 17, 2017
    11. EmmyIsDaUnicorn
      It won't let me talk in global chat. I don't have any mutes, I haven't been on for a week. It says, " Cannot Send Chat Message " I'm so confused why it's doing it. Help?
      1. Bean
        You need to change your chat settings. Esc > Options > Chat > Change "Chat: Commands Only" to "Chat: Shown"
        Nov 21, 2017
      2. EmmyIsDaUnicorn
        yeah I got it now, lol. thank you <3
        Dec 20, 2017
    12. Gladiola
      q-q Do you remember when this server wasn't merged with datpixel. (Lazle/Nitro) It was the best community ever. It is sad to see how much this server changed in two years. It didn't change in a good way. ;-; (I betcha you don't even remember me)
      1. Bean
        of course I remember the all famous shootingstar931
        Nov 1, 2017
      2. Gladiola
        tbh I bet you just went on Namemc and lied about remembering me.
        Dec 18, 2017
      3. Cabbage
        omg same came on here to reminisce about lazle/nitro couldnt remember the name for ages then found bean's youtube with a link to the forums and then i remembered hypixel merged with it and thats when i stopped playing for a while. it was such a great community, the name shootingstar931 does sound familiar, hope you two remember severalcabbages
        Dec 29, 2017
    13. Dylan Schubert
      Dylan Schubert
      when I try to sign up for Staff it won't They won't accept me maybe because of that but what I am am trying to say is I need your help sining up
    14. Dylan Schubert
      Dylan Schubert
      Im 13 but I put 2006 I put the wrong one and I'm trying to apply for staff but i can't I'm trying to changed my date i was born but it won,t work so can you help me and i have been playing on this server dat pixel.net more than 3 years and my brother is on here a lot so he has got me banned a lot which has probably.
      1. Luke
        I suggest private messaging bean instead of just putting it here.
        Oct 26, 2017
    15. Cristina2020
      Hello. I was wondering if SatsuJr001 was a staff. He said I was accepted for staff and will need training now. I just have a feeling and just want to check if it is a troll Thanks.
      1. Bean
        He is not a staff member.
        Oct 25, 2017
    16. xNBLxAffects
      Bean can you check my appeal it has 20 views and yet no replies, it has been there since Friday. Thanks much appreciated
      1. panda1_
        Atm Staff (bean the most) has bigger things to deal with like every staff member retiring so just wait
        Sep 7, 2017
        xILe0n likes this.
    17. DemericDivine
      Howdy, Bean! :-)
      I just wanted to inform you that I stummbled apoun these profiles, and wanted to ask you if they actually were you. @BeanAlt @BeansAlt
      1. Bean
        My only account is @Bean.
        Aug 31, 2017
    18. ColinnnnX
      ily daddy bean
      1. Bean
        requesting a dislike feature to be added to the forums @ Steven
        Aug 27, 2017
        panda1_ and xILe0n like this.
      2. ColinnnnX
        Aug 27, 2017
    19. Zoey
      Ok ty it working now srry 4 hassle
      does King+ get /nick?
      1. Bean
        buy.datpixel.net lists all the donator perks.
        Aug 13, 2017
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