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  1. lakshmi prasad tota
  2. v0nn_toaster
    I had cancer back when i still played Minecraft, If anyone who still runs this can erase my past i would be very thankful.
    1. Eric_lolz 2.0
      Eric_lolz 2.0
      unfortunately impossible
      Sep 29, 2019
  3. v0nn_toaster
  4. squid1201
    how do i get a refund on my king+ acc?
    1. Eric_lolz 2.0
      Eric_lolz 2.0
      You go on Skittlemc.com and buy a rank equivalent to king++ rank. That's the only way.

      No, I'm just kidding. You got scammed by the owner, Steven.
      Aug 5, 2019
  5. sebi067
  6. sebi067
    sebi067 Steven
  7. IAimBoots
    1. sebi067
      Jul 31, 2019
  8. _Jeffy_OOh_OOh_
    _Jeffy_OOh_OOh_ Bean
    This server has had the worst staff i have ever seen. I used to play on towny and bought a rank but then it went away after an update and i was told suck it up.
    1. sebi067
      the server has been un-active for 2 years why the fuck are u complaining 2 YEARS AFTER IT DIED!?
      Jul 3, 2019
  9. _itzBlaze
    Anyone remember me? :) HIt me up on discord ブレイズ #8034
  10. ninjajack123
    Jesus this server died was at its prime 2017 the year I unfortunately left datpixel I decided to go back to check forum to see if any I knew
    1. ninjajack123
      Still was active only to see that it had died ;( kinda sad tbh if anyone remembers the username ninjajack123 your a bloody legend and if you are a friend of mine from the server please contact me would love see what’s up.
      Apr 2, 2019
  11. sebi067
    sebi067 ZaraGaming
    welp happy b day from this dead website and minecraft server!!
  12. EnderRagePlayz123
    EnderRagePlayz123 sea123
    i stopped playing
  13. Foundinq
    honest kms
  14. KrazyCanine
  15. TheStonedPug
    Playing the pokes with my blokes, havin some smokes and winning free cokes.
    1. KrazyCanine likes this.
    2. KrazyCanine
      Feb 5, 2019
  16. Elishkov
  17. ItzKittyBoy
    whAt hAppened tO datPixel bRo?
  18. ItzKittyBoy
    rip datPixel
  19. Alex32979
    top ramen...
  20. imythikbruh/historia
    i played when skywars was active, if budder or rachel r out there, hEY BOO! (not forgetting gia my bbg)