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  1. jahda4
    Anxiliary machines for plastic machinery
  2. kayy
    well then lovely experience
  3. kayy
    LMAOO never mind found the old server and im the only one there yikes
  4. kayy
    what happened to the server LMAO and uh what about all my stuff and rank??
  5. xXBBC_AssassinXx
    I am done with childish games, that is why I'm quitting roblox, minecraft, and games alike. I am in highschool and need to spend time on
  6. xXBBC_AssassinXx
    more important stuff. Thank you for sticking with me everyone, and also this server honestly is trash.
  7. xXBBC_AssassinXx
    xXBBC_AssassinXx Steven
    U are a fucken ass, steven just hope you know that. I was just checking in on good memories, and I saw your trash ass. Give people their money back. (FUCK LIFE)
    1. xXBBC_AssassinXx
      Excuse this, this was me being dumb af.
      Jul 11, 2018
    2. xXBBC_AssassinXx
      Also I would say ban me but theres nothing for you too ban me from.
      Jul 11, 2018
  8. Hash
    Hash DavidIsHere
    u should reapply for staff!1!
  9. osaped
  10. opytoxox
  11. agubazuv
  12. Foundinq
    1. rafinator523
      Jun 30, 2018
  13. xxshadowxfoxyxx
    xxshadowxfoxyxx Legend_109
    I'M SO SAD, everything has changed so significantly and it doesn't help that I'm listening to a sad song... Ah I'm CryINg
    1. Legend_109
      IKR Steven's given up on EVERYTHING about Datpixel and left it as dirt now :(
      Jul 5, 2018
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  14. Alex32979
    skittlemc.com (thank me later)
  15. Legend_109
    However, this action may not be put into place but it is up to the staff!
  16. Legend_109
    Made a thread for those who have the admin rank and wish to have it transferred to Skittle.
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  17. AmyPond1
    AmyPond1 Bean
    Hi! please get back to me ASAP. What happened to datpixel!?!?! i would like my rank back either in money or transferred to skittle, cause they "merged" Also, i was building a house with my friends that took almost a year... i really dont appreciate the merge. Im wondering if you can copy/paste it into a skittle spot?
    Please get back to me!!! ASAP!! Thank you, PeterParkerBOI <my current mc username>
    1. Eric_lolz 2.0
      Eric_lolz 2.0
      I can answer your question bc Bean is busy not caring about DP right now. Datpixel died because Steven and other higher ups stopped putting in the commitment to update and be active. This led to the devastation of the player base. Datpixel and Skittle are still both separate servers. They both don’t do refunds however. And there’s no way they would move your builds to a new server. It’s not simply a //copy //paste.
      Jun 17, 2018
    2. Eric_lolz 2.0
      Eric_lolz 2.0
      Your best bet to get that money back is to chargebackon PayPal or whatever you used to pay for it. This will obviously get you banned on dp tho, but who gives a fuck about this server anymore, definitely not the people who can bring it back to life.
      Jun 17, 2018
  18. ZaraGaming
    I'm dead. Don't come lookin
    1. Eric_lolz 2.0
      Eric_lolz 2.0
      *looking* rip
      Jun 14, 2018
  19. ifyhiwav
  20. avepufov